Creating Your First Flow

The Video

Video Reference

This reference has helpful information for while you’re attempting the tutorial.  For the complete script, see the Creating Your First Fuga Flow Script.

Document Setup

Panels Opened

The Fuga Hangar Panel Location and the Fuga Workshop panel location

Open the Fuga Hangar panel and the Fuga Workshop panel menus under the InDesign Window menu

Create the Flow

A new flow in the Fuga Hangar panel

Create a new Flow

Create the Star

The Final Flow

Here you can reference where to find each action, where the action should go in the flow, and what the action’s parameters should look like.

The Select Action

The Select action selects all the objects on the page, which in this case is just our first star. If you had additional objects on the page, you would select the object by giving it a name in the Fuga Object panel. For more how to do that see the complete article on Selection and Naming or the Select Action in the Action Reference.

The Loop Action

This Loop action performs the repeats duplicate, rotate, and move actions seven times.  For more on the Loop action, see the complete article on Loops or the Loop Action in the Action Reference.


This Duplicate action duplicates the star and selects the new star created.


Moves the selected star 20 units to the right.  The units are used from the document ruler, in my document I used mm, so if you used larger units you’ll probably want to use something smaller than 20.


Rotates the selected star -10 degrees around its center


All of my stars are getting duplicated, moved, and rotated instead of just one.

This is probably because your Select action is inside the Loop (or was duplicated). The Select action is selecting all the objects on the page, so if it’s performed after there are multiple stars on the document then all those stars are selected.

I have another object on the page besides the star. How do I tell Fuga to select just the star?

You can tell Fuga to select an individual object by giving that object a name in the Fuga Object panel, and then writing that name in the the Select action’s parameters with quotes around it. For more information, see Selection and Object Naming.

I still can’t figure out what’s wrong!

Try turning on errors, warnings and info in Exceptions tab of the Preferences panel. You can get to the preferences panel from the Fuga Hangar and Fuga Workshop panel menus (the menu in the very top right corner of the panels).

Also, feel free to post your problem in the comments or contact us directly for help.

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