Watermarks and Unlocking


Fuga places a watermark on pages that are exported after a Flow has been run. This allows you to export your documents prior to printing without having to pay for them. When you’re ready to print, you can take off the watermark by unlocking your document.

How to Unlock Your Document

To unlock your document:

  • Create a Fuga account if you haven’t done so already by going to http//www.fuga-tech.com/sign-up. Currently you receive $50 in pages free when you register, and when that runs out you can add more money to your account via Paypal.
  • Verify or insert your Fuga account information in License tab on the Fuga Preferences Panel, which can be opened from the panel menu in the upper-most right-hand corner of the Fuga Hangar or Fuga Workshop panels (pictures A and B below).
  • Click the Unlock menu item from the Panel Options menu in the uppermost right-hand corner of the Fuga Hangar panel (picture C).
  • Note: If you do not wish to save your account information, you can leave license tab of the preferences panel empty and insert the information each time you click the Unlock menu item.

A. The preferences panel can be found under the Fuga Hangar or Fuga Workshop panel menus.

B. The license tab is where you store your Fuga account information for unlocking pages.

C. To unlock your document, select Unlock from the Fuga Hangar panel menu.

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