Find Table Row


Searches for a string of text in a specified table column. The row number for the string is then put into a variable. If there are multiple instances of the string in the column, only the row number for the last instance it returned.

Works On
This action gets information from a column in a table, but only actually makes changes to value of a variable in the flow. Table actions can only work with one table at a time. If there are multiple tables in the selection, the string will only be searched for in one.
Changes Selection
This action does not change the selection.


The Find Table Row action is located in the Fuga Workshop panel under the Text actions category.


Text To Find Field
(string) The text to locate.
In Column Number Field
(number) The column to search for the text in. Columns are numbered from left to right (including in the international version).
Start Search From Row Field
(number) The row to begin searching from. Fuga will search this row and all the rows after it.
Put Row Number In Drop-down
The variable to store the row number containing the text.

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