How Does Fuga Work?



Interfaces smoothly with almost any database type.

Online Collaboration

Allows ad production team to work together efficiently.

Omni Channel

Optimal ad production for
all digital & print channels.

Creative Template

Adapts to the most complex creative templates.

What makes Fuga unique?


  • Imitates man-made design, and enables automation of very complex ad templates.
  • Allows everyone involved to work collaboratively online with a shared workspace that eliminates logistical hurdles.
  • Helps to manage the entire production process efficiently by allocating tasks across a team and tracking each person’s input in real time.
  • As an Omni-Channel solution, it allows for seamless production for every promotional channel, making distribution to every medium and channel possible, efficiently and economically.
  • Intuitive and straightforward interface that’s easy to master in just a few hours of training.

The solution you've been waiting for

  • Free your creative personnel from repetitive and arduous tasks, allowing your managers to deploy them in the most productive way.
  • Reduce the time to market of your marketing promotion material by significantly improving its production process.
  • Reduce the time and expense of producing nearly any type of marketing material.
  • Boost the number of generated ads, thus freeing the resources to customize ads according to time, location and consumer characteristics.

What our clients are saying


We've looked at and tried out other automation solutions before, but we've never come across one that's as easy to use, flexible, user-friendly and as fast as Fuga.

Arik Siegel, CEO, Focus Net


Fuga has proven itself to be an incredible time-saving tool in graphic has succeeded to impress even the most skeptical among us...hats off to Fuga!

Viki Bergman, Studio Manager, Leo Burnett (IL)

About Fuga

As retailers and advertising professionals can attest, traditional methods of producing the wide range of promotional materials for today’s businesses have become too costly, too labor-intensive, and mainly - too slow.

That's what we're here to fix at Fuga Technologies.

Recognizing that there had to be a better way for businesses to produce the marketing materials they rely on to connect with consumers, Fuga set out to design and deliver a solution that today's retailers, ad agencies and print studios urgently require.

Fuga’s SaaS-based platform dramatically reduces the time and expense of producing ads and marketing collateral, and frees creative personnel to move away from repetitive input tasks and turn their focus back to design, right where it belongs.

With Fuga’s solution, it's now possible for users to interface with any database and design template in order to produce ads and other promotional materials for any marketing medium - instantly.

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